Condition: New

Warranty: 5/1 Years


iVu Touch

The iVu Touch camera is a 5MP high-definition CMOS solution that integrates the cameras sensor into a compact screen nearly 10 inches in size. A super fast frame rate and superb contrast with high accuracy in color reproduction set this solution apart. HD video streaming, and an SD card interface make the system versatile, with an onboard USB port to control features using a mouse. Additionally, measurement and parameter settings may be controlled directly on screen. This truly is an all-in-one solution.

    • A/D conversion

      24 Bit RGB

    • Frame rate

      30 fps (@1920x1080)

    • Interface

      USB 2.0, SD card, USB for wifi mouse

    • Pixel Size

      2.8μm x 2.8μm

    • Image processing

      High speed FPGA, progressive scan, advanced noise reduction

    • Pixel clock

      48 MHz

    • Dynamic range

      60 dB

    • Optical connection

      C- Mount

    • Voltage


    • Active area

      5.70mm x 4.28mm

    • Sensor resolution

      Dynamic 2304x1728 / 4608x3456 pixels Static 4608x3456 pixels

    • Ambient conditions

      Operating Temperature: 0-60˚C Humidity: 45-85%

    • Sensor

      1/2.5” 5.0 MP Color CMOS

    • Measurement


    • Exposure

      1ms-1s auto/manual, white balancing, electronic rolling shutter