Wesco SZ2 Stereo Microscope

SZ2 Zoom Stereo Microscope features good performance and high quality. It is ideal for schools, scientific research institutes and industrial field. SZ2 can generate a high definition 3D images with large depth of field. The horizontal dual zoom knobs with detents are more flexible and comfortable. ESD design can help release the continuous static electricity generated by the microscope and protect the specimens from damage. ESD microscope is optional and for special order.

High-eyepoint and Wide Field 10X Eyepieces can be attached to SZ2 Zoom Stereo microscope, and the continuous magnification is from 8X-50X. The adjustable binocular vision can help the operator to get a clear and satisfactory image. Different eyepieces and objectives are optional for observation.

IndustrialMark Montoya