WS7 Gemological Stereo Microscope

WS7 GemScope with Darkfield Stand


◇ 76mm Scope Holder
◇ The base can be 360° rotatable
◇ Size of the Base: 260×310mm
◇ Travel Distance: 110mm
◇ The stand arm can be changed 0°-45°
◇ Max. Opening of the Jewel Tweezers: 28mm
◇ With Bright and Dark Field
◇ Iris Diaphragm can adjust Φ3mm-Φ44mm
◇ Illumination: 7W Fluorescent Bulb for top lighting, 6V 30W Halogen Bulb for bottom lighting, 
both with adjustment of brightness.
◇ Power Supply: 110-220V
◇ Applicable to all of the 76mm Body Series Microscope
◇ Stereo Zoom Binocular and SZ902101 10X Adjustable Eyepieces (Pair) optional


To order please call (800) 48 - WESCO  [800-489-3726]

Jordan Jensen