Condition: New

Warranty: 5/1 Years

High-precision non-contact depth measuring microscope


Hisomet Ⅱ

Adjustable 140mm

Fine Adjustable 25mm or 10mm

Height of specimen 150mm Illuminator

Reflecting Illumination with Index Graticule

3W White LED Transmitted*(Option) Telecentric Illumination

3W White LED Z-axis measuring 1μm, 0.5μm and 0.1μm(option)reading / 25mm or 10mm travel

Z-axis measuring Accuracy 3σ= 1μm (using 40× Objective)

viewing Head Erected Trinocular Binocular with TV C-mount Tube

Objectives PLM, PLLWDM, SPLM series 3×, 5×, 10×, 20×, 40×, 50×, 100×

Eyepiece NWF10X Field Number φ16mm with Offset Hair Line Crossed Reticle

Measuring Stage Travel (X-Y) 50×50・100×50・100×100・150×150・200×100


Measuring Accuracy X:(4+0.02L)μm, Y:(4+0.02L)μm,

L:Travel Distance (mm)

Options CCD Camera, Monitor, Measurement Software

HISOMET realizes non-contact, high-precision height/depth measurement with simple

operation, observing the surface of measuring point.

HISOMET-II is a non-contact depth measuring microscope that has been designed based on an

optical type focal point detection system. Adopting precise focus indicator, it's possible to

measure height, depth, steps, etc. with observing the surface of measuring point, by simply

coinciding the halves of an index graticule. Since there are no concern for physical damages such

as distortion, blow or nicks to a specimen because of non-contact system, HISOMET is optimum

for measuring electronic components such as ICs or high-precision processing parts.