Condition: New

Warranty: 5/1 Years


Prima ENT

The Prima ENT microscope features a performance driven, highly modular design best suited for the dynamic needs of modern ENT clinical and surgical environments. With an efficient and intelligent LED coaxial illumination system, pristine apochromatic optics, and responsive arm movements, the Prima ENT microscope delivers a high standard of performance and reliability.

  • Apochromatic Magnichanger

    5 step: 0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X and 2.5x

  • Microscope carriers

    120° carrier

  • Light Source

    50W LED; 100,000+ Lux

  • Eyepiece

    WF 10X/18mm with retractable eye guards, diopter adjustment ±5mm with diopter lock; optional: WF 12.5X/18mm

  • Binocular Tube

    90° straight head, IPD 50-75mm. 0-210° tilting head optional

  • Objective

    f-250 mm with fine focus (standard); Options: NuVar with focal length adjustment f-300-400 mm, f-200-400 mm; f-300 mm or f-400 mm with fine focus; f-200 mm fixed objective; objective lens protector.

  • Package Contents
    • Tools for Securing Base and Pillar

    • Sterilizable Knob Covers

    • Nylon Dust Cover

  • Accessories (Optional)
    • Assistant viewer bridge

    • Beam splitters (straight/inclined)

    • Ergonomic viewing tube, tilting 0 - 210 ̊

    • ProLine accessories and camera adapters

    • T-handle kit (dual front handle is optional)

    • Dual handle