PM service from the experts at WESCO:

WESCO’s factory trained service staff has the expertise and the experience to maintain and service your inspection tools. We are not only factory-authorized service for WESCO, but have qualified experience servicing Olympus, Nikon, Leica, Zeiss and others.

 Description of WESCO’s PM service:

 Mechanical service:

  • Check and replace lubrication in all mechanical components as needed

  • Lubricate and/or clean stage bearings and drives

  • Check stage for proper travel

  • Inspect focus block for travel, feel, and function

  • Lubricate and adjust all slides and actuators in optical system

 Optical services:

  • Check and clean optics in head, illuminator, objectives, eyepieces, reticles, and cameras (*improper chemicals and cleaning technique can damage lenses coating*).

  • Check objectives for parfocality and concentricity

  • Check objectives for chips on bottom lenses and report condition

  • Check and center illuminator and condenser apertures and field diaphragms

  • Check alignment of head assembly

  • Check and adjust parfocality of eyepieces to camera if any

  • Clean camera (CCD, Digital, or 35mm)

  • Center illumination with optics

Clean outer surfaces of instrument (dirt, grease, old stickers…)

Report and Tag scope:

You will receive a field report at the completion of the service session.

Within 5 working days you will receive a typed inventory, repair, and service report

 WESCO keeps a service data base of all instrument work

WESCO will place new PM stickers at the completion of the service session.


If you have an instrument that is out of warranty or a vintage scope, we can repair it. Many manufactures don’t support “out of production models” and often don’t stock parts any more. WESCO has an extensive inventory of new and used parts and equipment. We also have a vast network of parts dealers we can count on. In some cases we have fabricated replacement parts in our on site machine shop.

WESCO has experience working on many different models and brands. Our experts have experience working on everything from simple classroom microscopes to research models with a variety of equipment. We are also collectors of vintage microscopes and have experience in restoration and repair. 

WESCO’s technicians can work on your instruments on site or you can ship units to us (we can provide information on proper shipping techniques). We can also provide loaner microscopes.