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Mechanical service:

  • Check and replace lubrication in mechanical components.

  • Lubricate and clean stage bearings and drives.

  • Ensure proper travel of the stage.

  • Inspect focus block functionality.

  • Lubricate and adjust slides and actuators in the optical

Optical services:

  • Check and clean all optics, including head, illuminator, objectives, eyepieces, reticles, and cameras (use proper cleaning methods to avoid damaging lens coatings).

  • Ensure objectives are parfocal and concentric, and report any chips on bottom lenses.

  • Center illuminator and condenser apertures and field diaphragms.

  • Verify alignment of the head assembly.

  • Adjust eyepieces to camera parfocality if necessary.

  • Clean the camera (CCD, digital, or 35mm).

  • Center illumination alignment with optics.

  • Clean instrument's outer surfaces (remove dirt, grease, old stickers, etc.).


WESCO provides repair services for instruments that are out of warranty or vintage scopes. We understand that many manufacturers may not support 'out of production models,' so we maintain an extensive inventory of both new and used parts and equipment. Additionally, we have built a reliable network of parts dealers, and our on-site machine shop allows us to fabricate replacement parts when needed.

Our team has vast experience working on various models and brands, ranging from simple classroom microscopes to complex research instruments. We are also passionate collectors of vintage microscopes and offer expertise in their restoration and repair.

Whether you prefer on-site service or shipping your instruments to us, we accommodate both options. We can even provide loaner microscopes to ensure minimal disruption to your work. If shipping is necessary, we can provide guidance on proper shipping techniques to ensure the safety of your equipment in transit."